Titanium desktop computer + RISC OS operating system

Titanium desktop computer + RISC OS operating system
Titanium desktop computer + RISC OS operating system Titanium desktop computer + RISC OS operating system
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Winner of best new development in the 2015 RISC OS awards, and best hardware in the 2016 RISC OS awards, the Cortex-A15 based Titanium has been shipping since December 2015.

Read more about the motherboard used in this computer be downloading the product brief, or contact sales to receive a printed copy.

Desktop computer based around Elesar's Titanium Cortex-A15 motherboard. Startup from RISC OS 5.28 preprogrammed into the on board boot flash.

Main features

  • CiT S003B desktop case
    • Built in 300W power supply
    • Can be used upright with foot (included), or horizontally, 365 × 295 × 99mm
    • Two front access USB sockets
    • Front flap conceals optical drive
    • Mono 8 ohm speaker
    • Gloss black finish
  • Storage
    • 128GB SanDisk Z400s drive (approx 118MB/s read speed)
    • Preloaded with standard RISC OS 5 disc image and NetSurf browser
    • DVD-RW optical drive (write ability requires CDVDBurn, not included)
    • Micro SD card socket on the motherboard (free for use)

Each computer includes a printed copy of the Quick Start Guide, a CR2032 coin cell, RISC OS licence card, and 3 support tokens which can be used to ask technical support questions.

Please note the power supply is not autoranging and therefore is not suitable for use on 120V supplies.

To complete the system you'll need a keyboard, mouse, 1 or 2 monitors if both graphics heads are used, and an IEC power cord.

Two head graphics driver
Form one gigantic desktop from two monitors by harnessing Titanium's two independent video outputs. Please be aware that this does involve some manual steps suitable for more advanced users - consult the PDF instructions provided in the download.
Latest ROM release
The archive includes instructions on how to update the flash ROM chip on your Titanium motherboard with the most up to date operating system ROM image. Those marked as release candidates ("RC") have been prepared at known good snapshots in time by Elesar, whereas the nightly beta ROM releases should only be used by those with an adequate backup strategy in place.
An application which allows you to jump straight from the RISC OS desktop into Linux without needing to reflash or remove any memory. To return to RISC OS, simply shut down and power cycle the board - RISC OS boots from ROM as normal straight into the desktop.
The application includes a suitable U-Boot, but requires the kernel and distribution disc image on other media (a Debian disc image is available on micro SD card as a spare part).
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