TextEase Studio + manual

TextEase Studio + manual
TextEase Studio + manual TextEase Studio + manual
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TextEase Studio is an easy to use, and powerful, desktop publisher for RISC OS originally produced by Softease Limited.

The main features in the current version, TextEase 6.00 (03-Jul-23), are

  • TextEase DTP
    • Easily combine text, line art, and graphics in a single document
    • Full drag and drop editing within and between documents
    • Apply paragraph styling within a document
    • Arrange text in frames, link frames into flows
    • Supports industry standard Windows Metafile, Bitmap, PNG, GIF, JPEG, plus Acorn Draw and Sprite
    • Embed ACE film, GIF, or Sprite animations
    • Add interactivity through links within documents or to resources outside
    • Edit Draw and Sprite files in situ via OLE
    • Built in spell checker (UK English)
    • Print in poster format up to 9m × 9m in size
    • Speak paragraphs or word parts out loud using eSpeak
    • Multi level undo/redo
  • TextEase Paint
    • Draw common geometrical shapes directly on screen
    • Select from various drawing implements including pencil, spray paint, crayon and felts
    • Fill, blur, rubout and cutout effects
    • Paint using a sprite as a brush
    • Pipette colour from anywhere in the desktop

Extra modules in the educational edition are

  • TextEase Turtle
    • Entry level programming using a dialect of Logo
    • Swap the turtle being controlled for any arbitrary image or tote
    • Replay more complex sequences recorded as procedures
    • Trigger the action using a link from TextEase DTP
    • Interactively define a motion with the keypad - no programming needed!
  • TextEase Branch
    • Entry level relationship based learning
    • Define classes of objects and related them in a tree structure; is a tomato a fruit?
    • Follow the tree with voiced prompts using eSpeak
    • Add branches to a partial tree later, if new items are encountered that need classifying
    • Auto tidy untangles and spaces out more complex diagrams
  • plus all the core features (DTP + Paint)

Extra modules in the professional edition are

  • TextEase Table
    • Spreadsheet with charting facility
    • Apply common built in equations to cells or ranges
    • Statistics and trigonometry
    • Freely mix the results with text or images from TextEase DTP and Paint
    • Customise cell and sheet colour schemes
    • Import data from external sources in Comma Separated Value (CSV) or Microsoft Excel (XLS) format
  • TextEase Show
    • Each slide uses the power of DTP and can incorporate any of the other TextEase module elements
    • Slide thumbnail organiser to quickly shuffle the deck
    • Add slide transitions or sound effects between slides
    • Controllable with a wireless 'clicker' using Microsoft PowerPoint compatible keyboard shortcuts
    • Keep annotations to remind the presenter of key points on each page
    • Operate in full screen 'show' mode, including unattended on a repeating loop
  • plus all the core features (DTP + Paint)
  • plus all the educational features (Turtle + Branch)

Suitable for RISC OS 3.60 or later (including 4, 5, and 6). Each copy includes a printed copy of the 154 page TextEase User Guide, installer, small selection of clip art illustrations, and 2 support tokens which can be used to ask technical support questions. The user interface is highly customisable to suit individual taste and ability.

Read more in the product brief, or contact sales to receive a printed copy.

Got a really old version? You probably qualify for a 25% discount off the new version.

eSpeak system resource
Jonathan Duddington's eSpeak package used for reading back words within TextEase.
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