Raspberry Pi 2.4GHz WiFi HAT

Raspberry Pi 2.4GHz WiFi HAT
Raspberry Pi 2.4GHz WiFi HAT Raspberry Pi 2.4GHz WiFi HAT Raspberry Pi 2.4GHz WiFi HAT
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Cut the cord and go wireless with a 2.4GHz WiFi interface for your Raspberry Pi. Comes with printed installation guide, fixings, and plastic standoffs to attach the HAT to any Raspberry Pi with a 40 pin expansion header. Perfect for

  • Connecting to a home network out of reach of wired Ethernet
  • Connecting while on the move for example at hotels and offices
  • Connecting to WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK secured or open networks

Only suitable for use with RISC OS, the WiFi HAT requires a RISC OS soft loadable driver module (see 'Resources').

The software includes an easy to use desktop WiFi Manager, which lists the nearby access points as well as displaying the current connection status. Selecting a network is a simple matter of choosing from the WiFi Manager's menu and entering a password. For networks that you visit frequently, the password can also be stored to eliminate all the typing; if the network is in range at boot time the link will be automatically re-established.

Due to its tight integration with RISC OS all of the familiar Internet tools in !Configure are used to set up the networking, and monitor its statistics. Two status LEDs show when you are connected to an access point and when data is being transferred.

Only one HAT can be fitted to the header on the Pi at a time. If you have a real time clock expansion card fitted, use order code EA-846-9 instead - this includes a Dallas Semiconductor RTC and lithium coin cell integrated onto the WiFi HAT itself.

In the initial release of the software a few minor restrictions are in place. They are

  • There is no box to enter a username when joining a network secured using RADIUS. This is supported internally by the firmware, but can't currently be accessed via WiFi Manager's dialogue boxes.
  • It isn't possible to automatically rejoin a hidden network at boot, though you can manually join at any time. This is now supported by the firmware, and is expected as a future enhancement.
  • WiFi Manager doesn't speculatively scan for known networks when you are not connected to any. This is expected as a future enhancement.
  • Some public access WiFi hotspots require an additional step via a suitable web browser, such as entering the hotel room number or ticket number. Presently these aren't flagged by WiFi Manager, but will be apparent when trying to load a web page as the browser will redirect to a log in page. Flagging such hotspots is expected as a future enhancement.
  • The 'via ReverseARP', 'via BOOTP' and 'from CMOS' methods of obtaining an IP address aren't supported ('via DHCP', 'manually', and 'from hostname' are) when swapping between networks. There are no plans to add this to the software.
EtherWILC WiFi driver
RISC OS boot sequence update to load the EtherWILC driver module on RISC OS. Release archive 1.07 (24-Feb-21).
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