FileCore formatted 2TB SATA hard disc

FileCore formatted 2TB SATA hard disc
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Enterprise capacity 2TB hard disc preformatted in RISC OS FileCore format, for use with 4Kn ADFS.


  • Large 4kB sector size, perfect for bulk storage
  • 128MB on drive cache to speed up read and write operations to the drive
  • High reliability 550TB per year designed workload (10× that of a standard desktop model), and a 2M hour MTBF
  • Approximately 6W power consumption
  • Low noise 7200 RPM operation
  • 3.5" form factor (5.79" d × 4.01" w × 1.03" h)

Please note that the unformatted capacity is 2,000,000,000,000 bytes, which is 1863GB using computing 1024 byte counting. Requires FileCore 3.75 and ADFS 4.03 or later.

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