CloneDisc disc tool

CloneDisc disc tool
CloneDisc disc tool
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CloneDisc is the first of the family of DiscTools to be released by Piccolo Systems. It is a general purpose tool for copying the entire contents of a disc, and features full support for disc image files. CloneDisc's capabilities fall into four major areas:

  • As a backup tool, for creating an exact copy from one disc to another
  • For initialising a disc from a disc image file - for example, starting from the RISC OS Pi disc image
  • For creating disc image files in the first place, starting from a template disc
  • As a way of securely erasing all the data on a disc

Supported filing systems are:

  • ADFS for SATA and PATA hard discs on Elesar's Titanium, CJE Micro's Rapido-Ig, Castle's Iyonix PC, and Risc PC/A7000/A7000+ Acorn-era machines
  • SCSI for Acorn-compatible SCSI drives, plus all USB-attached drives
  • SDFS for on-board MMC, SD and micro-SD readers on Raspberry Pi, Beagleboard, Pandaboard etc...

CloneDisc can provide full diagnostics on discs that are formatted to FileCore E or E+ format (that is, ones which have been formatted using HForm), as well as FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32. Other formats can be copied, but will not be identified and the disc name will not be listed.

CloneDisc can also identify a range of problems with a copy operation before it starts. In such cases, it will ask for confirmation. If CloneDisc is able to address the problem automatically, it offers you the option to correct problems where it is possible to do so.

The current version is 1.05. This item is delivered by email and requires RISC OS 5.

Using CloneDisc
Technical note describing the background to CloneDisc, how to use it, and answers to common questions you might have.
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