Titanium motherboard + Linux operating system

Titanium motherboard + Linux operating system
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Featured on Linux Gizmos in February 2016, the Cortex-A15 based Titanium has been shipping since December 2015.

Don’t be held back trying to use inconvenient development boards that don’t fit your case or your requirements.

  • Standard ATX form factor drops straight into standard chassis
  • Solid state design with fanless passive cooling
  • Texas Instruments Sitara AM5728 with 2GB of fast DDR3
  • An array easy access I/O - gigabit Ethernet, DVI-D, SATA, USB 2, PCIe, RS232, 24 bit audio
  • Turn key operating system support

Read more in the product brief, or contact sales to receive a printed copy.

Cortex-A15 motherboard based around the Texas Instruments AM5728. Starts up from U-boot 2019.07 preprogrammed into the on board boot flash, then loads Linux 4.14 with Debian 10.4 (Buster) root file system. Includes a pre-installed XFCE desktop and Firefox web browser.

Main features

  • AM5728 system on chip
    • Dual core 1.5GHz Cortex-A15
    • Two dual core 212.8MHz Cortex-M4
    • Two 750MHz TMS320C66x digital signal processors
  • Memories
    • 2GB DDR3 up to 533MHz
    • 2.5MB on chip SRAM
    • Micro SD card socket, 4 bit
    • 8MB serial boot flash
  • Video
    • 2D graphics accelerator
    • 3D graphics accelerator, a dual core PowerVR SGX544
    • Separate DDC to retrieve EDID data from each head
    • Dual head DVI-I video, each able to deliver 24 bit colour at 1920 × 1080 @ 60fps
  • Audio
    • Stereo microphone in
    • Stereo headphone out
    • Two stereo line inputs
    • Mono downmix to 8 ohm speaker
  • I/O
    • Dual gigabit 802.3 Ethernet
    • Dual RS232 serial for industrial control
    • Four 3Gbps SATA connections
    • Eight USB 2.0 type A ports (6 on board and 2 via front panel, not supplied)
    • Two PCI Express root complexes
    • Battery backed real time clock
    • 2kB configuration EEPROM memory
    • 64B unique OTP ROM for OEM use
  • Debug support
    • JTAG
    • GPIO

Each board includes a printed copy of the Quick Start Guide, a CR2032 coin cell, micro SD card, and 3 support tokens which can be used to ask technical support questions.

Requires an ATX12V version 2.3 or later power supply, with 20 way Molex Mini Fit Junior mating connector. The power supply is turned on by a front panel push button, and can also be turned off by the same button or under software control.

Please note that the SKU describes the revision 0.22 main board and revision 0.11 mezzanine board only, be sure to check that this is correct before ordering. Not all hardware features may be used or supported by system software.

Build system
Description of the build system to build U-Boot and a Linux kernel suitable for deploying on the Titanium motherboard. The U-Boot and kernel repositories are similarly hosted by GitHub.
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