AMCOG Games bundle

AMCOG Games bundle
AMCOG Games bundle
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A selection of six titles from developer AMCOG Games each with original sound track. Pit your wits against games of varying skill and theme:

  • Cyborg - treasure hunt round a castle as a cyborg (RRP £9.99)
  • Legends of Magic - banish the evil wizard from the island (RRP £7.99)
  • Mop Tops - save the balls of fuzz from various levels (RRP £9.99)
  • Overlord - shoot your way through deep space (RRP £4.99)
  • Xeroid - swerve along the highway avoiding black holes (RRP £9.99)
  • Protector - an alien invasion threatens your world and its down to you to protect it (RRP £9.99)

Also included in the AMCOG Development Kit, which is a toolkit to help write platform based games rapidly in BBC BASIC. This includes Mutant Penguin, which is an example of its use.

Delivered on USB memory stick in a durable plastic case. This item requires RISC OS 5.

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